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Chiropractor Near Tustin​

If getting out of bed is painful because your neck hurts or your lower back pain is getting in the way, you need a chiropractor. However, you may be a little nervous about having your neck or spine twisted and cracked by a chiropractor.

While it is generally well-known that chiropractors tend to twist and pop your spine and can adjust your neck and spine manually, Dr. Sawhney founder and Chiropractor at Divine Spine offers computerized spine therapy that avoids any popping or cracking of the spine.

With 5 Star reviews and glowing testimonials from 100s of people who have recovered, Divine Spine offers two locations in Orange County, Yorba Linda and Orange Hills which is really close to the Tustin community.

Treatment For All Types

With so many activities to participate in around the Tustin area, whether you love riding horses, or are an avid golfer, museum explorer, dancer, or would like to enjoy dinner out with friends, you want your spine and body pain-free. Getting to the root cause of the problem today is so gentle, that newborn babies, pregnant women, and auto accident patients can heal without the anxieties of being twisted or popped.

Spinal Treatment

Dr. Sahwney offers an initial comprehensive exam and on-site, low-radiation X-rays. Divine Spine in Orange Hills and Yorba Linda both use state-of-the-art and computerized equipment for spine therapy that is precise in spine treatment with Electronic Vertebral Adjustments (EVA) that is so gentle even the smallest of patients, babies, are welcome.

If you take a short drive to see Dr. Sawhney at the Yorba Linda or Orange location, he will provide you with a complimentary consultation, so why wait? Whether you suffer from back pain, neck pain, shooting pain down your leg (sciatica nerve pain), or even TMJ, give us a call to see how we can help you get back to living your best with little to no pain. Call now to receive your complimentary visit: 714-695-0232