Does having your back cracked and popped scare you? Divine Spine offers a great alternative with a non-invasive treatment that is designed to treat pain from your neck to your lower back gently. Our computerized system and percussion therapy are the perfect cure for any anxiety you may have about chiropractic care.

Modern Technological Alternative To Traditional Chiropractic Methods

For anyone experiencing chronic pain, the thought of traditional chiropractic care can be a deterrent in seeking treatment. At Divine Spine, you can trade sudden manual adjustments for a gentle treatment experience to work towards alleviating any discomfort you may be experiencing.

With two locations in the cities of Yorba Linda and Orange Hills, Dr. Sawhney and his team offer 2 computerized chiropractic clinics serving the Orange County and Corona Del Mar area. We offer spine and joint therapy to alleviate pain, whether the cause is sciatica nerve pain or back misalignment. We can take X-rays on-site to determine the cause of the issue, conduct a comprehensive evaluation, and determine a treatment program. 

Why Choose Divine Spine

Our newest location in Orange Hills is a 20-minute drive to the coastal community of Corona Del Mar. Come in for a complimentary initial evaluation and let our skilled team create an exclusive care plan for you. We treat a variety of sports injuries, chronic neck or back pain due to sciatica, headaches, TMJ, or any other source of pain you may be experiencing with a non-invasive computerized method.

Car Accident Victims

Our office also works with personal injury attorneys to ensure you receive the care you need after being involved in a car accident, including all documentation necessary for your case. After the trauma of an accident, our team is here to help you treat your injury without the worry of a painful chiropractic experience to ensure the least amount of anxiety possible during an already stressful situation.

Scheduling An Appointment

Suffering from back and neck pain, numbness, headaches, and TMJ does not have to be your ‘normal’! Take the first step towards pain-free days and schedule an initial consultation with the team at Divine Spine. Our staff will work with you to schedule an appointment within the week and we accept PPO, Medicare, and cash patients.

Using our effective and efficient treatment plan can help you achieve relief quickly and begin the pain-free daily life you deserve. Make an appointment with Dr. Sawhney at Divine Spine and let us help you discover a comfortable chiropractic experience unlike any other.