Having your back cracked and popped can be intimidating for some. Divine Spine provides a comforting alternative with a non-invasive treatment created to alleviate pain from your neck to your lower back gently. Our state-of-the-art computerized system and percussion therapy offer a soothing solution, alleviating any anxiety you may have about traditional chiropractic care.

Modern Technological Alternative To Traditional Chiropractic Methods

Experiencing chronic pain can make chiropractic care seem daunting but at Divine Spine, we provide a gentle alternative that prioritizes your comfort while addressing chronic pain.

With convenient locations in Yorba Linda and Orange Hills, Dr. Sawhney and his team operate two computerized chiropractic clinics serving Orange County and the Laguna Niguel community. Our comprehensive services include spine and joint therapy, targeting issues like sciatica nerve pain and spinal misalignment. With on-site X-ray capabilities, we conduct thorough evaluations to create personalized treatment plans made to fit your specific needs.

Why Choose Divine Spine

Our newest location in Orange Hills is a 20-minute drive from the peaceful, tree-lined community of Laguna Niguel. Visit us for a complimentary initial evaluation and allow our experienced team to create a customized care plan just for you. We specialize in treating a range of conditions, including chronic neck or back pain from sciatica, headaches, sports injuries, TMJ, and other sources of discomfort. Our gentle, non-invasive computerized methods are safe for everyone, including both children and pregnant women.

Car Accident Victims

At Divine Spine, our office collaborates with personal injury attorneys to ensure you receive comprehensive care following a car accident, including providing any necessary documentation for your case. Following the trauma of an accident, our team is dedicated to helping you address your injuries without the fear of discomfort typically associated with chiropractic care. Our goal is to minimize anxiety regarding your injury during an already stressful situation.

Scheduling An Appointment

Are you tired of battling back and neck pain, numbness, headaches, or TMJ as if it’s normal? It’s time for a change! Begin the journey to pain-free days by booking an initial consultation with the caring crew at Divine Spine. We’re all about convenience, offering appointments within the week and welcoming PPO, Medicare, and cash patients.

With our effective treatment approach, relief is just around the corner, helping you reclaim your life without the hassle of chronic pain. Connect with Dr. Sawhney at Divine Spine today to begin your chiropractic journey that’s all about your comfort and freedom from pain.