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Chiropractor Near Villa Park

Are you frustrated with your neck pain, back pain, or even TMJ? A chiropractor can help but some of us are worried about how a chiropractor treats the spine by twisting or popping it creating a nerve-wracking experience.

 Dr. Sawhney, the founder of Divine Spine, offers a different approach that does not involve twisting or popping the spine. He has opened two offices close to the city of Villa Park, one in Yorba Linda and the other in Orange Hills.

Treatment For All Ages

At Divine Spine Yorba Linda and Orange, a customized plan is created starting with a complimentary visit and x-ray on-site.  The treatment plan is discussed with patients before any care is provided.  Using computerized spine therapy, Dr. Sawhney gets to the root cause of your back, neck, or TMJ pain by using comprehensive pain treatment plans. The treatment is unique and gentle, gentle enough that we welcome: children, pregnant mothers, and babies.

Treatment and Services

Dr. Sawhney at Divine Spine has treated many patients with sciatica pain, headaches, sports injuries, spine misalignments, chronic pain, and more. We use an Electronic Vertebral Adjusting (EVA) computerized treatment system to remove nerve interference, relieve spinal pressure, and restore comfort and range of motion.

Using Diving Spine’s treatments in addition to stretching and strengthening your core muscles, can help bring long-lasting back and neck pain relief. If you have back or neck pain, discomfort, or headaches due to spinal misalignment, we want to encourage you to make an appointment with Dr. Sawhney at Divine Spine Yorba Linda or Orange HERE.