chiropractor orange park acres

Chiropractor Orange Park Acres​

Are you afraid of a chiropractor twisting or popping your neck or spine?

Frustrated because you are in pain?

While it is well-known that chiropractors generally tend to twist and pop your spine and can adjust your spine manually, there is a chiropractor near Orange Park Acres that DOES NOT do this. He not only does x-rays on-site but uses computerized spine therapy for all treatment. 

Dr. Sahwney owns and manages his chiropractic business at Divine Spine with two convenient locations in Yorba Linda and Orange Hills. He provides his patients with state-of-the-art spine therapy that:

Dr. Sahwney knows he needs to get to the root cause of your problem to understand why you are in pain. Read his personal story HERE

Divine Spine uses state-of-the-art and computerized equipment for spine therapy that is precise in spine treatment and is so gentle, that it can be used on pregnant mothers and babies.

The images below show before and after x-rays of how Dr. Sahwney has helped his patients recover:

before spine therapy x ray
Before Spine Therapy
after spine therapy x ray
After Spine Therapy

Divine Spine provides complimentary consultations, so why wait to get an evaluation done? You can address the pain you are in be it back pain, neck pain, shooting pain down your leg [possibly sciatica] and/or TMJ. Call now to make an appointment: 714-695-0232