finding relief from migraines

Finding Relief from Migraines

Anyone who’s experienced a migraine knows that it’s more than just a bad headache. While the specific symptoms can differ from person to person, a migraine headache is usually characterized by throbbing pain that ranges from moderate to intense and which lasts anywhere from several hours to several days. The pain may affect only one side of the head or both, or be felt around the eyes or behind the cheeks. It gets worse with movement or physical activity and may be accompanied by nausea or vomiting. Bright light, loud sounds, and strong smells often intensify migraine pain. At their worst, migraines can be so debilitating that they cause sufferers to miss work, school, or other activities.

According to the American Migraine Foundation, an estimated 39 million Americans live with migraines. Unfortunately, because the causes of the disorder aren’t well understood, finding an effective treatment can be a long and frustrating process. While some migraine headaches have identifiable triggers—including stress, certain foods, alcohol, skipping meals, too much or too little sleep, hormonal changes, weather changes, and head injuries such as concussions—other migraine attacks can’t be traced to an obvious cause.

When trial and error don’t reveal any triggers, patients are often left relying on painkillers or prescription medications to cope with their migraines. These can come with side effects, and some must be taken daily to try to prevent the onset of pain. None of them, of course, fix whatever underlying problem is causing the migraines. For those desperate to find a better way to live pain-free, Divine Spine in Orange Hills can help.

Case Study: A Chronic Sufferer’s Experience

One patient who came to Divine Spine with chronic migraines is an excellent example of how chiropractic treatment can relieve migraines that traditional approaches haven’t helped. At the time she came to us, she had been suffering with constant migraines for six years. Her only relief came from prescription medication. Like other migraine patients, she had made tremendous efforts to uncover the cause of her headaches, trying to figure out and eliminate possible triggers through food logs, sleep diaries, stress management techniques, and more. Nothing helped.

When she first consulted Divine Spine, Dr. Sawhney started the treatment process with a thorough examination including a digital X-ray. This step is essential to correctly identify a patient’s spinal issues. Based on the results of this analysis, Dr. Sawhney then created a customized treatment plan to address the patient’s migraine pain. Unlike traditional chiropractors, Divine Spine uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver precise, gentle computerized adjustments to the spine. The result is effective therapy without harsh twisting or popping, ideal for patients experiencing pain that sudden movement can exacerbate.

Just halfway through her treatment plan, the patient experienced tremendous improvement, noting, “I have been migraine-free for 12 whole days!! I haven’t been migraine-free for 12 days in a row since at least 2009. Plus, I feel better and have more energy than I have had in years.” She also commented on the positive experience she had with Divine Spine, saying, “Dr. Sawhney genuinely cares about you as a patient and takes pride in helping you feel better. … I truly feel like I have gotten my life back after living under the cloud of constant migraines for so long.”

Solving Migraine Pain

At Divine Spine, we’ve found that dysfunction of the cervical spine (neck) is a commonly overlooked factor that can contribute to migraine pain. When that misalignment is properly addressed, the underlying source of tension and discomfort is removed, rather than being masked with drugs. For many of our migraine patients, resolving alignment issues is the missing piece of the puzzle that allows them to significantly reduce or eliminate their headache pain.

If you’ve tried everything for your migraines and nothing has worked, come see Divine Spine in Orange Hills. Our individualized treatment plans are designed to help you achieve and maintain long-term wellness so you can live and work without pain. To schedule your free initial consultation in Orange County today, contact us here.