Chiropractic treatment for back, hip, and neck pain

Seeing Back Pain in a New Light

When most people think of pain, their first thought is that it’s something to be avoided by any means necessary. The corollary to that thought is that pain is a sign something is wrong in the body, or that you’ve reached the limits of your endurance. That can be a healthier perspective, because when you recognize that there’s a problem, the natural next step is to figure out the issue and find a solution for the cause, rather than only treating the symptoms.

However, when it comes to back pain that brings someone in to see us at Divine Spine, that pain can be a hidden blessing. That may seem counterintuitive, but it is due to a simple fact—when somebody is dealing with a nerve that’s been compromised in the spine, causing pain, it’s entirely likely that more nerves are affected than they’re aware of. Many internal organs don’t have pain-sensing nerves, so if nerves connected to those organs have been compromised, you can’t count on pain to alert you to the issue.

In addition, poor spinal alignment affects more than just your back. Problems with your spine can lead to hip pain, leg pain, headaches, numbness or tingling in your hands, and more. Chiropractic treatment is effective for all these conditions, because contrary to what might be the popular perception, it’s not simply about treating pain. Instead, the focus of chiropractic care is on restoring health. The healthy function of the spinal nervous system is essential for overall wellness—while eliminating pain is an important result of getting the care you need to correct subluxations in the spine, it isn’t the real goal.

Not Just for the Spine

Ideally, to maintain overall health, medical care should deal with each individual as a whole, because the body is made of interdependent systems, not isolated pieces that can be removed and treated individually. Unfortunately, the traditional medical system in this country tends to produce the opposite—focus on isolated symptoms treated by specialists who may not be aware of or able to treat the big picture. This is why many patients don’t consider the potential of good chiropractic treatment to do more than relieve a sore back, because they have been accustomed to a mindset that silos both problems and solutions.

It’s not unusual for our patients to be pleasantly surprised by how much better they feel after starting treatment at Divine Spine. While they may have anticipated relief from pain, the transformation of their health in general and the resolution of symptoms they might not have thought of as being related to their back pain is unexpected to them—but not to us.

Proactive Wellness Care

Our understanding how chiropractic treatment can profoundly benefit overall health is what inspired Divine Spine to provide gentle, state-of-the-art chiropractic care. Too often, patients have been scared away from consulting a chiropractor because they believe that adjustments have to include twisting, popping, or jarring movements. That’s simply not the case. Our computerized Electronical Vertebral Alignment (EVA) system delivers precise, targeted adjustments for a safe, comfortable experience without sudden movements or additional pain.

As importantly, we understand the frustration the medical runaround can produce. Our process starts with a complete examination including on-site X-rays to pinpoint the areas in need of treatment and design your individualized treatment plan. You won’t need to run from provider to provider to connect the dots before you can start making progress. You’ll be able to get started on a path to renewed wellness immediately. The care you receive in our office is paired with lifestyle plans, including stretches and exercises, that allow you to build on and maintain good health.

When back pain is the impetus that leads someone to seek better care, it can be a blessing. To find out what Divine Spine in Orange Hills can do to not simply treat pain but also promote wellness, schedule your free initial consultation by contacting us here today.